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A shop-in-shop model for online learning

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Opportunities for BMI of educational platform for schools
Honour & Synergised Ideas
Mark de Reuver

A company that provides digital services to schools. The company provides all kinds of support services: from providing online books to handling grades and student administration. In fact, it offers an all-in-one learning environment. In this way, the company reduces the hassle of schools, parents and students.

Now the company reached a fair market share, they are looking to expand abroad. Of course all educational markets are quite different. So, the company wants to offer a platform so local third parties can offer local contents. These third parties would provide shop in shop services, or apps in the app store of the platform. Third parties will use the platform all by themselves through smart technologies like application programming interfaces (API) and Software Developers Kits (SDK). In other words, they want to become a platform-based business model.

Questions: What should be the core functions of the educational platform? What kind of challenges and opportunities do you see for this business model innovation? And how should they be earning revenues from the platform? 

Latest ideas (16)

A customisable application than a platform

most of the process are the same so the application should be more customisable

One place for all learning

Ensuring this is the one place students, schools and also parents go regarding the child's education.

An open platform for a better education

Core functions belong to the administrative part, while APIs and SDKs are used by developers to create tailored services for the different countries.

An open platform for a better education

Core functions should remain those belonging to the administrative part (check presence.

An open platform for a better education

Core functions should remain those belonging to the administrative part (check presence.

Core structure of the web and plugin extension

Extend the core with plugin/templates from third party developers

knowledge management system capability for E-learning

comprising the core and challenge of the platform: knowledge management system. and the challenge that might be faced by the platform

Creation of quality content by competition

In most countries there are companies that provide tutoring on courses, mainly focusing on national exams.  These companies could enter a competition that would be judged by the ministies of education of each country.

core functions

platform that focus on connectivity. The benefit will be on the connectivity of the platform.

Platform with modular architecture

Allowing other to expand on your core product will allow you to control the quality of the end-product, as well as turn a profit on their additions.

Offering smaller modules for sale

identifying common services of education in each country, and creating smaller modules out of those common services. Selling the core of the product with one piece of the module and the option of expanding in the future

Create open platform with standard administration tool

Overall educational institutions have the basic struggle of administration of each student. think of grading and attendance of students. This tool could be the main tool on this platform. Third parties could add additional tools to support the main a...

Educational platform for schools Case

The core of the educational platform....

All answer in the description

Enabling the delivery of local content

Bring together the school environment and local third parties while facilitating a quick expanding of these local digital startups. 

Don't start a platform

Sell the software as a white-label product instead.

Ensuring quality of content

A cooperation with the organisations ensuring education quality in each country, to ensure the quality and accuracy of the content on the platform. They do this by random or yearly checks comparable to the traditional education checks (Which should a...