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Case: AudioTrip

Idea Collection - days left: 130

Suggestions for dealing with risks of an open business model
Honour & Synergised Ideas
Mark de Reuver

We all know these audio tour systems that you can rent in museums. What if you could download that audio guide to your mobile phone? And what if you could choose from tons of different guides, all made by local people? This is the core offering of a small business from Poland: AudioTrip.  All kinds of local people can upload their audio files on the website, and tourists can download and pay for them. AudioTrip doesn’t need to know the people that make the audio guide.

Their open business model makes AudioTrip more valuable. But it also creates risks. Is the quality of the non-professional guides good enough? One badly designed audio tour, and the tourist might never come back. 

How can AudioTrip deal with the risks of their open business model? How can they ensure that the guides will be of sufficient quality?

Latest ideas (14)

Implement quality control through various method

As the biggest risk is in the quality of voice and content, filtering at the beginning is crucial, and evaluation by users can be used. 

Let publishers (title) review

Publishers on the site seem to have profesional experience in a field like journalism. You could make them review other tours, which will ensure that these publishers have to pay a smaller commission in return for this activity.

Content control

One of the issues with respect to the open audotrip we thought of is the content control. Because it is open, everyone could upload their audio files. This means that also 'funny' or 'insulting' could be uploaded. Challenge lies in the mech...

Uploader rating and audio sampling

The risk of being an opened platform for audiotrip is highly related to audio originality and information credibility offered by an audio provider.

Tough Problems and Cool Solutions

the Tough Problems 
and the Cool Solutions

 by Ale Menno

Correctness & Acceptability

How would the users figure out about the the validity and correctness of the provided audio guides? Do the the native people like this type of platforms?

Quality Control

Use of a rating system, and cooperation with the museum in early stages.

Guide reviews Guide

Let the guides mutually review each other audiotrips. So befor the audiotrip of a guide comes on the platform. Let it be reviewed by 2/3 other guides.

Review system

Let people rate audio trips, use the rating to show people the ones that are of good enough quality. adding upon this could be textual review added by personel or people that can explain what kind of audio trip it is (funny, informative, general, etc...

Provide term and conditions and add rating features

To overcome the risk of credibility and quality of the audio provided, AudioTrip should establish terms and condition for both the local people and the tourist.

It takes two to tango

Incentive community interaction and reciprocal reviewing. Actively assist uploaders in improving quality.

Create content control mechanisms

Creating content quality and control for the submission can help to reduce the reputational and trust risk over the audio content

Basic Quality Assurance

In the worst case where only the minimum amount of resources are available, indications of quality should be facilitated, through a peer rating system. If there are more resources available, cooperating with museum curators could lead to certain blue...


Require users to download a shor demo of the trip allowing for some QA based on user preferences, pronouncation, voice quality etc.