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Overcome the struggle to effectively market a product!
This case study centres on a tech company that develops interactive social screens. The company prefers to remain anonymous. We included this case study because it highlights the importance of reaching customers.

This company’s business model innovation involved adding a new product to its portfolio. The product’s value proposition is that it facilitates contact and conversations between dementia patients and their family and friends via a social screen. The screen displays photos, videos and messages sourced from family and friends’ social media accounts to help patients recover old memories and find life more enjoyable.

However, the company struggled to market the product effectively. Although it was evident that the users of the product are dementia sufferers, and their friends, family and caretakers, it was unclear who would pay for it. The company used the Business Model Canvas tool to explore alternative business models. It discovered that it did not in fact have the resources to set up a complete service centre to support all individual customers. It therefore decided to focus on a B2B model, with providers of elderly care as the main target group. Reducing the number of customers compared to the B2C model in turn cut the administrative overhead costs.

The company then re-evaluated its revenue model. What should it charge care providers for and how? It used the Business Model Cards to help identify potential revenue models and examples from other companies that could be applicable to the product. It decided to adopt a subscription model that bundled the product with supporting services, and offered a discounted trial period of three months.

Finally, the company lacked a clear marketing strategy. It used the Marketing Cards tool to gain insight into how to develop the most effective message for its target customers and how to communicate that message. Using the various tools in combination helped the company to select the most appropriate target customers, define a viable revenue model and develop a marketing strategy to better reach those customers.