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Zo-Dichtbij personified users of health platform

Zo-Dichtbij is a not-for profit company managed by Wally Keijzer. She is with her team developing a multisided health and wellbeing platform that helps


(1) end-users to search for services
(2) service providers to market their services, and
(3) government to coordinate and control care.

Zo-Dichtbij used Personas in several iterations during the development of their services. Initially they created eight Personas. One is a single and isolated elderly woman, aged 79 years old, living in a small rural community form a below average social class (end-user, see picture). Other Personas were for example an 81-year-old male taking care of his wife (informal care taker), a 49-year-old service provider of home care products (service provider), and an advisor to the local government on healthcare also responsible for budget allocation for people in need for support (local government representative).

The descriptions of the Personas are based on interviews with stakeholders and customers, and were tested in focus group settings. The Personas helped to create empathy and identification, and to gain holistic understanding of the differing customer segments. The Personas were also later utilised in usage scenarios. 

Zo Dichtbij bisnesmalli
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