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Using STOF model for business model testing

AudioTrip Z.o.o. is a Polish company established in 2014, with offices in Warsaw, Bordeaux and London. The company creates a mobile application that acts as “your personal guide” to tourist and offers a platform that allows content providers to create and share multimedia guides. 

AudioTrip revolutionized individual sightseeing so that tourist can explore new locations and learn about history without looking at paper or electronic guides. Storytelling is the core of AudioTrip products. The company offers its products to consumers and to the B2B market, offering its platform to museums zoos, cities, regions, companies and software houses. The company actively creates customized project-based audio trips for their B2B customers.

Their business model is expressed in the STOF ontology because the owners consider technology to be crucial to their value proposition (see architecture). Moreover the focus of the company is on creating partnerships, increasing revenues and profit from the B2B market. Partnerships (O-domain) are not only focused on institutions like museums or cultural and historical sites, but also with content providers, city guides, authors of guides, and advertisers, to get access to relevant content (S-domain), with investors (F-domain) and with payment providers, map providers and social media to enrich the core product and to provide technical infrastructures (T-domain). The explicit depiction of interrelation between the value proposition, the service elements, the technical architecture as is used in the STOF model helps the company “to trace the path of consequences when analysing Business Model Innovation”.

Tools used