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Start-up company develops its business

SecondCoach is a start-up company. One of the founding members is a young football coach, who got the idea for a mobile application that would enable, on one side, coach to plan training activities and on the other side, kids’ parents to follow up on kids’ progress.

SecondCoach segmented their customers based on their problems and utilised Value Proposition Canvas model to identify key functionalities, which their application has to offer in order to satisfy needs of potential customers. Based on the results the company developed their business model using Business Model Canvas template. Currently SecondCoach is in the middle of beta testing. Their application is used at a regional level among some of selected football clubs. With the help of football coaches and children’s parents they are testing and debugging the application. These tests provide the company insight that helps them to improve and revise the business model. The next steps for SecondCoach are to develop appropriate pricing, to introduce the application to the market and get first paying customers.