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MyAppletree: Having your own apple orchard

Rikard Korkman, a farmer in 6th generation, owns fields in the Southern Finland. The main business is grain production and snow removal. In 2013 Rikard decided to plant 1100 apple trees. He studied consumer trends and alternative business models. Learning from two growing trends - sense of community and local food movement - and copying ideas from Community Supported Agriculture he launched his apple business.

Rikard's sells annual shares for the apple orchard. The value proposition is not just apples that you can eat, but it is more the idea of owning a piece of beautiful orchard, and supporting cooperative local farming. Rikard keeps in touch with his clients by email and Facebook telling about growth of apples and other happenings. In autumn, customers come to the farm to fetch the apples. Rikard explains: "My business model builds on yearly contracts with customers with fixed price on appleshares paid in advance. An appleshare consists of a certain amount of trees that are dedicated for an individual share owner. This way the grower and the client also share the risks in apple growing - both upside and downside."