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Terribles roadmap for foreign markets

Terribles is a small business that provides a website on dance clubs. Dance club visitors can rate clubs and submit their report to Terribles. They earn money with advertising and giving consultancy advice to dance clubs.

Right now, they want to implement their business model in foreign countries. When going abroad their value proposition isn’t going to change. But their target group is: they will extend their target group to include visitors of dance clubs in other countries. First, Terribles identified five key actions for internationalization. The actions were mapped on a business model roadmap. The business model roadmap showed that all other actions were dependent on finding a local partner. But finding a local partner is difficult. How to know whether to trust the person? And wouldn’t it take a chunk out of the revenues to pay the local partner? The company decided to change their plans. Instead of finding a local partner, they now wanted to mine data using Internet tools.