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Vint scanned its sharing economy with PESTLE

Vint is a start-up company founded by three young men Matti, Otto and Gabriel. It was Matti who got the idea for a new business when his friend was searching for a temporary storage place for his belongings. As a regular AirBnb user Matti started to develop an idea about a sharing economy platform for storages. In summer 2016 they launched Vint.fi, which provides an online marketplace for unused storage space. It is connecting persons with excess space with persons who need it.

Since sharing economy businesses are still rather young - Vint is the first one for storage space in the Nordic countries - the company found it as a good idea to scan its environment more analytically with PESTLE. They found it as a great tool identifying the most crucial aspects for their business, and serving a great purpose in tracking the trends and future changes in the business environment. It was noted that following the changes in laws and regulations related to the sharing economy is crucial for the company to succeed in its business. The founders acted immediately on this by writing in Vint's blog about current regulation and EU's encouraging stance on innovative sharing economy services

Tools used