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Holland Container Innovations using stress testing

Holland Container Innovations (HCI) is a mature company operating in the transport sector. The company has invented a 40ft sea container, which can be folded when empty. A folded container takes only 1/4 of its original space and thus cuts down costs of transportation, handling, space et cetera. HCI owns the patent. The containers are manufactured by a licensed container builder company and delivered to the customers, i.e. shipping companies.

HCI wanted to analyse whether their business model is future proof. First, in a workshop with the management, HCI used the Business Model Canvas to visualise their current business model. Next they identified several trends that will impact their business model. Continuing from the Canvas they created both short- and long-term scenarios. In the stress test HCI focused on internal issues like improving the quality of product, and on external trends like the decline of global cargo volumes. With this analysis the company aimed to improve the sustainability of their business. "Thanks to the business model stress test, HCI knows the focus points in good and bad times within the business model. The test sharpened our strategy for the coming years and confirmed that we are on the right track", concluded Simon Bosschieter, CEO of HCI.