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MyFood - digital menu for restaurants

MyFood is the digital menu for restaurant owners and consumers. It is a mobile service where restaurants can add their menu and the ingredients of the meals, and on the other hand consumers can look for a restaurants offering a certain dish without a certain allergen. It was launched by OKKAM, an Italian IT company, early 2015 when European Union new allergen rules came into effect. MyFood service helps the restaurants to comply with the regulations in European Union that businesses need to provide information about allergenic ingredients used in food sold or provided by them.

OKKAM is looking for ways to scale up the markets of MyFood. This, however, requires extra resources. Some venture capitalists that were interested in financing MyFood asked for a business plan. The founders had already drawn Business Model Canvas for MyFood, but now they prepared a more rigorous business plan that explains the operational and financial details of MyFood. Then the company started serious negotiations with investors in Europe and USA.

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