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Exploring options with business model cards

Data-Moove is a young French start-up that commercializes an innovative platform offering city visitors all the information available on the city in real time. The innovativeness is in the exceptionally comprehensive urban knowledge base that is created from many data sources, and sophisticated queries and applications that can be built on top of it.

But, as often with new technology, Data-Moove’s challenge is to find a viable business model. How should they package and sell their technology? Looking for inspiration they asked students in the EIT Digital summerschool to come up with ideas. The students worked with Data-Moove's business model challenges. As 90% of all new business models are copies and adaptations of existing business models, the students used the Business Model Cards. They brainstormed about which of these business model might be applicable for Data-Moove. They selected a few business models and elaborated on them to clarify how data-Moove could use them. The options ranged from Licensing the technology to using the technology in a Content Curation model. And from Advertising to Affiliation models in combination with innovative city applications powered by the technology. With the aid of the Business Model Cards and the students’ enthusiasm, Data-Moove quickly got an overview of possible business models.