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Discuss my business
Discussing what your business does or should do is not always easy. There are many elements to take into consideration. This makes your discussion fuzzy. Visualizing your business will bring structure to your conversations.
Add to my I want tos
  1. Know your strengths
    Use a SWOT Analysis for a structured discussion about your company's strengths and weaknesses and also consider opportunities and threats.
  2. Visualize your business
    Visualize your business to create a clear and joint view to encourage fruitful discussion. Use the Business Model Canvas to visualize your business model.
  3. Get inspired by others
    Look for ways to improve your business. Use the Business Model Cards to see what other companies have done and discuss if this might work for you as well.
The journey
A prerequisite for having better discussions is to create a clear picture of your business. First clarify what you are good at and discuss your company’s strong and weak points. Next paint a clear picture of your business model and make sure there is a common understanding about the model. Finally, explore if there are ways to improve your business. To help the discussion along, get inspiration from other companies. Learn how they successfully applied new elements in their business models.