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Test whether my business is futureproof
The world is changing fast. Great businesses can go bankrupt if they don’t adapt to their environment. To test if your business is ready for tomorrow, you have to assess the impact of key trends and threats on your business. This will make your business more robust.
Add to my I want tos
  1. Visualize your business model
    Sketching how your business creates, delivers and captures value helps to understand the logic and essence of your business. Use the Business Model Canvas to visualize your business.
  2. Understand your business environment
    Identify the key trends and developments that can impact or influence your business success. Use the PESTLE Analysis to gather developments from all relevant perspectives.
  3. Test whether your business is futureproof
    Check how changes in the world around you will impact your business. Use the Business Model Stress Test to confront your business model with key future developments.
The journey
In three steps we help you to anticipate change and make your business future proof. First sketch your business model. How does your business actually work? What is the business logic? Next, identify the key future developments in area’s like technology and legislation for your business. Finally, confront the business model with the future developments to identify the strong and weak parts of your business. Use your strengths to seize opportunities and make your business future proof.