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Explore new markets
Understanding a market is an important factor for sustainable business success. Here you find how to understand the trends and competitive forces that shape a market, and identify if it is attractive for your products.
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  1. Understand your business environment
    Identify the key trends and developments that can impact or influence your business success. Use the PESTLE Analysis to gather developments from all relevant perspectives.
  2. Understand the competition
    Check the intensity of competition by analyzing other players in the market. Use the Five Forces tool to understand the different kinds of competition in the market.
  3. Determine market opportunities
    Determine if there is a match between your products and a market. Use a SWOT Analysis to find out how you can leverage your strengths to seize opportunities.
The journey
There are many factors that influence your success on a market. Start with identifying trends and developments that will impact the market. Factors like legislation or new technology are present in every market and can create opportunities or pose threats. Next consider the competitors in the market and the intensity of competition. Finally, use this information to identify opportunities and see how you can leverage your strengths to launch attractive products.