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Explore new ways of making money
How your business earns money might not have changed for years. But maybe there exist better and more profitable options to sell your offerings. Here you get inspired by others to explore new ways of making money.
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  1. Describe your current business model
    Get a clear picture of how you create, capture and deliver value with your business. Include on the Business Model Canvas how your business earns money.
  2. Learn from others
    Use the Business Model Cards to become inspired by business ideas that other companies succesfully implemented.
  3. Determine your new business model
    Select the most promising idea(s) and describe what your new business would look like when you would implement these ideas. Use the Business Model Canvas to visualise your new business.
The journey
Before thinking about new ways of making money it is good to clearly understand your current situation. Sketching your current business will help you to do so. Now you are ready to get inspired by other companies. Learn how they succeed with selling, leasing, licensing and various ways of making money. Finally, select a few options that may work for your business and sketch what that would mean for your business model.