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Improve my offering
It is not easy to deliver exactly what your customer really wants. From time to time it is necessary to improve your offering, to match the changing demands of customers and stay ahead of the competition. Here you find how to better understand your customers’ wishes and how to improve your product.
Add to my I want tos
  1. Know your customer’s needs
    To create the perfect product, it is crucial to be aware of your customers’ needs and preferences. Create a Persona, a fictitious customer, to sketch your customers’ opinions, pains, goals and needs.
  2. Learn from competitors
    Now that you know your customers, look at how your competition is serving them. Don’t just consider your competitors as enemies but use the Competitor Analysis to learn from their offerings.
The journey
It is crucial that you know what your customers want and need, and to know what your competitors are offering. Start with asking and finding out what really matters to your customers. What are their pains and their needs? Next, look at your competitors and learn how they are trying to conquer the market. In the final step combine the insights about your customers and your competitors’ offerings. Use this to create that one unique thing that your customers really want.