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Develop a viable business model
You have a great idea, and are convinced that it is worthwhile. But a good idea is not enough for a successful business model. Here you go from an initial idea to an attractive product and a business model that has potential.
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  1. Create the business model
    Once you know your product, you can work out the business model. Use the Business Model Canvas to sketch the business model for your new product.
  2. Check the business case
    In the end it comes do to one question: will the revenues be larger than your cost? Use the Return on Investment Calculator to check the financial viability of your business model.
The journey
In three steps you can turn your idea into a business model with potential. As a first step, define your idea as a product or service that fullfills the needs of potential customers. This is the basis for developing your business model in the second step. In the third step, estimate your expected costs and revenues and see if your idea is going to be profitable. This will give you an indication of the viability of your idea.