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Increase efficiency
We usually don’t think about how we do our daily work, we just do it. However, the way you work is not always as efficient as it could be. Reflecting on your workflow can result in sometimes obvious improvements.
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  1. Define your workflow
    A workflow consists of many activities. Pinpoint and write down all the main activities in your workflow with the Process Journey. 
  2. Remove the causes of waste
    In every process there is some kind of waste, like defects, motion, wating time, etc. Identify the wastes in your process with the Deadly Wastes Canvas.
The journey
The first step in finding ways to improve efficiency is to create an overview of how your business currently works. Start with sketching one of your workflows as a series of steps and activities. Next, look carefully for any ‘waste’ in the workflow. Waste can be anything from wasted time, wasted inventory, customer delays, unnecessary steps, errors and/or rework. Finally, look for ways to remove waste and improve your workflow by applying proven solutions.