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Convince partners
Together everyone achieves more. But, finding the right business partners isn’t easy. Identify which partners your business needs and convince them by making clear what is in it for them.
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  1. Identify your potential partners
    To find the most promising partners, you need to know who can positively influence your business. Use the Partner Analysis to identify your most important partners.
  2. Pinpoint the mutual benefits
    Use the Partner Value Matrix to describe what you expect from your potential partners and what they can expect from you.
The journey
The first step is to brainstorm about who your potential partners are. Partners are those companies or persons that have an positive influence on your business. They bring after all something that helps your business along. Once you know which potential partners are relevant for your business you need to convince them to actually partner with you. Draw an overview of what they can offer you, and more importantly what you can offer to them.