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Test whether my business is financially sound
You are busy running your business and caught up in day-to-day operations. But sometimes it is important to check if your business is still financially solid. Here you check if your business is financially sound and able to survive tomorrow.
Add to my I want tos
  1. Visualize your business model
    Sketching how your business creates, delivers and captures value helps to understand the logic and essence of your business. Use the Business Model Canvas to visualize your business.
  2. Check the financial soundness
    Estimate the costs and revenues of your business model and find out if it is profitable. To get a first impression just look at some ballpark figures using the Profit Calculator.
The Journey
Start with describing how your business creates, deliveres and captures value. This will help you to get a complete picture of your business, i.e. your customers, your products, resources, cost sources, revenue streams, etc. The second step is to estimate the costs and revenues of your business. You determined already the revenue and cost structure and here you add the actual numbers. How high are your costs and revenues?