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Test the attractiveness of my product or idea
When creating a new product or service you have to make assumptions about the needs and preferences of your customers. Many decisions during development are based on these assumptions. Verifying these assumptions will help you to make your product more attractive.
Add to my I want tos
  1. Reflect on your idea
    Sometimes you just need a different viewpoint to critically look at your new idea or product. You can use the Thinking Hats to help you see things from different perspectives.
  2. Talk to your customers
    It is crucial to get your customers’ feedback on your idea and to understand their actual needs and preferences. A Focus Group can help you get this information.
The journey
It is very easy to become carried away about a new idea. Therefore in the first step you look at your idea from different angles and perspectives. Why could it work, why not and what are alternatives? In the second step you learn how to listen to your customers. This will help you to understand the customers' actual needs and behavior. and collect feedback. With this information you can improve your new product or idea and make it more attractive for your customer.