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Reach my customers
Reaching your customers can be hard, as many companies are battling for their attention. Your channels have to be tuned to where your customers are, and your message should be meaningful for the people you try to reach.
Add to my I want tos
  1. Know your customer
    One way to know your customer is to understand their habits and preferences. Create a Persona, a fictitious customer, to sketch your customers’ opinions, pains, goals and needs.
  2. Brainstorm about reaching customers
    Go through the many options for reaching customers and find the best fit for reaching yours using the Marketing Cards.
  3. Reach your customers
    Sketch a clear picture of how you are going to market your offering with the Marketing Mix.
The journey
Before you can reach your customers you need to know them first. You have to be in touch with your customers and understand their frustrations, needs, preferences, and habits. There are many choices that influence how your message is send to your customers. You need to think about the format of the message, which platform to use, the goal of the message, etc. These choices need to fit your customers preferences. Create a strategy for marketing your offering based on the choices you made. Describe how you are going to promote your offering, in what place and with which means.