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Understand my customers
Finding new customers and keeping existing customers is the lifeblood for any company. You need customers to be able to sell your products. This requires that you know who they are and what they need. Here you can figure out how to interact with customers to learn what makes them happy or causes them trouble.
Add to my I want tos
  1. Identify your target customers
    To identify your target customers, look for the ones that benefit the most from your products. The Persona tool will help you to decide on which group of customers to focus.
  2. Get to know your customers
    To get to know your customers better, you need to have a conversation with them. A Focus Group helps you to talk with your (potential) customers about their opinions, pains, goals and needs with regard to an idea or product.
  3. Describe your customers
    Combine all insights you gained from talking to target customers into one fictitious customer. Such fictitious customer is called a Persona and will help to structure the information that you collected.
The journey
To know more about your current or potential customers, you first have to know who they are and where to find them. In the first step you identify your target customers. What are the key characteristics of this target group? Once you know who your target customers are, you can start a conversation with them to learn about their needs, pains, goals, interests and behavior. You should organise a group discussions with several customers together. Finally, you collect and combine all the information to paint a vivid picture of a typical customer’s personality and profile.