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I want to

Looking for answers to your business needs? Have a look at what fellow entrepreneurs wanted for their business and get the help you need to succeed! Click on one of the ‘I want to’ items and follow the steps to reach your goal.
Better discuss my business
Discussing what your business does or should do is not always easy. There are many elements to take into consideration. This makes your discussion fuzzy. Visualizing your business ...)
Test if my business is futureproof
The world is changing fast. Great businesses can go bankrupt if they don’t adapt to their environment. To test if your business is ready for tomorrow, you have to assess the impact...)
Implement my new business
The real value of a new business idea depends on how you implement it. Often your starting point will be your current business or you start from scratch. Here you make a plan that ...)
Explore new markets
Understanding a market is an important factor for sustainable business success. Here you find how to understand the trends and competitive forces that shape a market, and identify ...)
Explore new ways of making money
How your business earns money might not have changed for years. But maybe there exist better and more profitable options to sell your offerings. Here you get inspired by others to ...)
Improve my offering
It is not easy to deliver exactly what your customer really wants. From time to time it is necessary to improve your offering. To match the changing demands of customers and stay a...)
Develop a viable business model
You have a great idea, and are convinced that it is worthwhile. But a good idea is not enough for a successful business model. Here you go from an initial idea to an attractive pro...)
Improve efficiency
We usually don’t think about how we do our daily work, we just do it. However, the way you work is not always as efficient as it could be. Reflecting on your workflow can result in...)
Convince your partners
Together everyone achieves more. But, finding the right business partners isn’t easy. Identify which partners your business needs and convince them by making clear what is in it fo...)
Test if my business is financially sound
You are busy running your business and caught up in day-to-day operations. But sometimes it is important to check if your business is still financially solid. Here you check if you...)
Test the attractiveness of my idea or product
When creating a new product or service you have to make assumptions about the needs and preferences of your customers. Many decisions during development are based on these assumpti...)
Reach my customers
Reaching your customers can be hard, as many companies are battling for their attention. Your channels have to be tuned to where your customers are, and your message should be mean...)
Know my customers
Finding new customers and keeping existing customers is the lifeblood for any company. You need customers to be able to sell your products. This requires that you know who they are...)