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Business Model Canvas
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The Business Model Canvas helps you to visualize your business model. With a business model you describe how your company creates, delivers, and captures value. It creates a shared understanding of what your business actually is and does. With the Business Model Canvas it is easy to discuss your business model with others.

Download the Business Model Canvas in order to brainstorm about the business model on a large printout of the canvas. Download the Example for Uber to get inspired and learn from the practical application of the Business Model Canvas. Press Online tool to start an online version of the Business Model Canvas and build your own business model.

How to use

You can design a business model canvas by yourself but it is more effective if done by a group of people, for example with colleagues or domain experts.


The Business Model Canvas consists of nine basic building blocks. These blocks show the logic of how your company intends to make money. Create your Business Model Canvas by completing the building blocks in the following order:


Tip: use sticky notes to add items to your printed Business Model Canvas, in this way you can easily change something or place an item in another building block.


Customer Segments 

Define the different groups of people or organisations you aim to reach and serve.

  • Who are the target customers?
  • For whom are you creating value?
  • Who are your most important customers?


Value & services

Describe the products or services that create value for your customers.

  • Why would a customer choose your company?
  • What customer problem or need do you solve?
  • Which products or services are offered?



Determine how you reach your customers to deliver the value.

  • How does your company reach customers?
  • Which communication, distribution and sales channels are used?
  • How would customers want to be reached?


Customer Relationships

Define which kind of relationships your company has with the customers. Relationships can vary from personal to automated.

  • How personal is the relationship with the customer?
  • What type of relationship does the customer expect?


Revenue Structure

Describe how the company generates revenues. Revenue is generated by selling your products or services or from other activities.

  • For what are the customers willing to pay?
  • For what are the customers currently paying?
  • How do customers prefer to pay?


Key Resources

Determine the most important resources for your company. Key resources can be physical, financial, intellectual, or human.

  • What resources are needed to create value or revenue?
  • What resources does your company need to organise the distribution channels?
  • What resources are needed to maintain customer relationships?


Key Activities

Define the most important activities your company must perform.

  • What activities are needed to maintain customer relationships?
  • What activities are needed to generate value and revenue?
  • What is needed to organise the distribution channels?


Key Partnerships

Describe the suppliers and partners on which your company depends. Partnerships can be created to reduce risk or to acquire resources.

  • Who are your partners and suppliers?
  • Which resources are acquired from them?
  • Which activities do partners perform?


Cost Structure

Creating and delivering value to customers will result in costs. Determine the most important costs inherent in your business model.

  • Which Key Resources are most expensive?
  • Which Key Activities are most expensive?

Business Model Canvas from Strategyzer.com. The Business Model Canvas is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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