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To be able to reach your customers it is important that you know them first. To better understand your customer’s habits and preferences you can create a Persona.

A Persona helps you to better understand and visualize your target customers. It is a fictional, generalized character that describes the personality, interests, pains, goals and behavior of a typical customer. With a Persona it is easier to make deliberate decisions about developing and targeting your product or service.

Download the Persona template to fill in a Persona and see the example of Carol to get a better understanding of how to use the template. Personas can also be used as a personification of a company. We call this an Organisata. See the Organisata example of French medical company Retimed.

How to use

First choose if you want to make a Persona or an Organisata. If your customers are consumers (B2C), create a Persona. If your customers are businesses (B2B), create an Organisata. This tool can easily be used by yourself, it does not require help from an expert.


Creating a Persona

The Persona helps you to process the knowledge that you have or gathered about your customers.


To create a lively Persona, start with adding a picture of a person and give your Persona a name. From all the insights you gained during the interactions with you target market, filter out the following aspects:


  • Personality: give your Persona personalized characteristics: i.e. name, age, gender, occupation, marital status, location, etc.

  • Pains: what are reasons why your Persona is unhappy or what aspects is your Persona missing in her life?
  • Goals: what does your Persona want to achieve or live for?
  • Interests: what hobbies and passions does your Persona follow besides her job?
  • Lifestyle: what are your Persona's main work and leisure behavior patterns and activities, attitudes, interests, opinions and values?
  • Buying behavior: what, how, where and when does your Persona buy?


Creating an Organisata

Just like the Persona, the Organisata helps you to process the knowledge that you have about your customers or target market.


To create a lively Organisata, start with giving your Organisata a name. From all the insights you gained during the interactions with you target market, filter out the following aspects:


  • Company profile: give your Organisata realistic characteristics: i.e. name, sector, products & services, location, size, etc.

  • Pains: what are reasons why your Organisata is unhappy or what are aspects she is missing in het practices or products?

  • Goals: what does your Organisata want to achieve? What is her mission?

  • Activities: Which activities does she perform?

  • Company culture: what is the vision of your Organisata and what are her values, norms, beliefs and habits?

  • Additional information: Add some interesting additional information like who are the customers of your Organisata.

Case: Zo-Dichtbij personified users of health platform

Zo-Dichtbij is a not-for profit company managed by Wally Keijzer....