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TrenDNA’s trend cards help you to be more aware of relevant trends when developing a new product or strategy. The trend cards focus on consumer trends in a timespan of 5 years. With the variety of future scenarios, you can use the cards for marketing strategies, aid in product development or when defining an overall business strategy.

Download a preselection of trenDNA trend cards to start working with the future straight away or read more on the full method on www.trendna.com.

How to use

You can use the trenDNA cards by yourself, but discussions and ideas will be more fruitful when using this tool in a group setting.


To work with the trend cards you have several options:


Select random trends

Put the trend cards in front of you and select 3-5 random cards. Read the text on the card and use it for inspiration when brainstorming.


Find trend-contradictions

Deliberately select 5-10 trends and see if you can find contradictions among them. A contradiction means two trends that are describing developments which head in opposite directions. Once you have found such a contradiction think about, how your company, your product or service needs to look like in order to fulfil both aspects of the contradiction.


Choose the most appealing trends

Select a set of 5-8 trends you find most influential to your business. Use these trends as the basis for your task ahead.


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