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Wheel of Skills
1 hour
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The Wheel of Skills helps you to assess your required entrepreneurial skills. Being successful not only requires a sound business model but also the skills to execute. In the Wheel of Skills you select those skills most useful for your business and evaluate your proficiency. By understanding how well you score, you can look for ways to improve and strengthen your skills and your business.

Download the Wheel of Skills Canvas Excel Template and fill out your Wheel of Skills.

How to use

The first step in creating a wheel of skills is choosing the eight things from the ‘Desirable Skills list’ that you think will be the most useful skills to have in your business. After creating the ‘Desirable Skills List’ write the names of each skill at the end of each of the eight spokes and put an ‘X’ on the score for each of the eight skills and then join up all the 'X's.


Step 1: Choose from the ‘Desirable Skills list’

Please select eight things from the ‘Desirable Skills list’ below and put a 'Y' behind it in the Excel sheet:

  • Accounting and Budgeting
  • Public speaking - Human resources
  • Networking
  • Purchasing
  • Time Management
  • Sales
  • Legal issues
  • Marketing
  • Business environment
  • Finance - Production / operations
  • ICT (Web, software)
  • Debtor chasing

Step 2:  Write the names at the end of the eight spokes

Write the names of each of the skills that you have selected at the end of the eight spokes of the Wheel of Skills.


Step 3: Score your proficiency

For each of the selected skills, rank your current score for each of the eight skills. Alternatively, you can ask others to score the skills in the wheel. Your current Wheel of Skills with your most useful skills and proficiency is ready!


Step 4: Improve

If you like, you can determine the skills that you would like to improve on and indicate the score that you would like to reach. Now you will get a ‘desired wheel of skills’. Subsequently you can draw a plan detailing how to improve and reach your desired skill levels!

Downloads and Examples may currently only be available in English.