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Practical support to innovate your business!

BusinessMakeOver is here to help you start or grow your business.

  • Supporting clear business goals with easy to use free tools.
  • Learn from video instructions and case examples.
  • Practical, efficient and actionable results.

Already 39% of enterprises in Europe are involved in business model innovation to improve their business.
Why not join them?

Use BusinessMakeOver to boost your business.

Check out our cases and tools:

Case: Explore new ways of making money

Rode Apps is a Romanian software development company that was established in 2011 and is in many respects a typical startup; many employees are recent software engineering graduates from the local university. At present, it mainly completes contract-based...

Tool: Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix helps you to think about how (potential) customers can buy your product or service. With this tool you think about the right place, price and promotion for your product. The way you offer your product should match the customers’ expectat...

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