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BusinessMakeOver is here to help you start or grow your business.

  • Supporting clear business goals with easy to use free tools.
  • Learn from video instructions and case examples.
  • Practical, efficient and actionable results.

Already 39% of enterprises in Europe are involved in business model innovation to improve their business.
Why not join them?

Use BusinessMakeOver to boost your business.

Check out our cases and tools:

Case: MyFood - digital menu for restaurants

MyFood is the digital menu for restaurant owners and consumers. It is a mobile service where restaurants can add their menu and the ingredients of the meals, and on the other hand consumers can look for a restaurants offering a certain dish without a...

Tool: Process Journey

The process journey helps you to draw your workflow or business processes as a series of activities. Each process has a start and an end. There is something that triggers the process and there is some result. Between the start and the end there are connec...

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