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Better understand your customers!

Really understanding your customer is the key to develop successful products and services. In this blog we discuss a tool to make organisations more customer-oriented.

A persona helps you to bring insights about your target customers to life. It is a personification of a customer segment, or a characterization of a particular type of user. A simple but very powerful tool to make organizations more customer-oriented.

Personas are widely used in a variety of fields, such as marketing, IT and design. It provides a way to describe behaviour, motives, desires and goals of a specific group of people. It gives a personality to your target group. With personas for your target group(s), you can make informed decisions about new products or improving existing ones that better fit the needs of the customer.

Personas come from the field of usability. Alan Cooper, a well-known interaction designer, introduced personas in his book The Inmates are Running the Asylum. On the internet, you can find a lot of different examples. On our businessmakeover.eu platform, we also provide a template to both create your own persona. and your own organisata.


For the persona: Start with giving your persona a name, and add personal information like interests, goals and frustrations.


Organisata: the persona for businesses

Personas are focussed on the consumer market. But what if your target group is not consumers (B2C) but businesses (B2B)? This needs a slightly different approach. You can’t make a personification of an organization, nor does it makes sense to give it a personality. However, when developing new products and services for organizations, you do need to understand their motives, desires and goals.  Therefore, instead of a persona which has a focus on the consumer market, we created the organisata, a persona for the B2B market. On businessmakeover.eu platform, we also provide a template to create your own organisata:


For the organisata: Start with giving your organisata a name, and add business information like the organisata’s mission statement, offering and target customers, but also its goals and frustrations.

Persona versus Organisata

When looking at the persona and the organisata, there are several similarities, such as personal and business details, goals and frustrations. However, instead of focussing on the personality with a persona, for an organisata it is much more valuable to understand what a business is offering to their customers. And rather than writing down a quote and a bio about the persona, the organisata will focus on the mission statement of an organisation and a description about their customers. Finally, the persona describes the interests of the consumer and the brands he or she is interested in. With the organisata we are looking at the trends, opportunities and threats in the market. This provides insights that can be used to better target your product to your business customer.


Why should you use personas and organisatas?

Whether you focus on consumers or on businesses, personas and organisatas are proven methods and create several advantages for your organization:

-         Personas and organisatas help to better understand the wishes and problems of your customer, which results in higher customer satisfaction.

-        The use of personas and organisatas provides a common language and understanding of the customer throughout your organization.

-         The common language creates an effective and consistent communication and product development, which results in better products and services.


Personas and organisatas are a fun tool to create a vivid image of your customer. This can benefit your bottom line as practice shows that better targeted products result in revenue growth. Start building your own personas and organisatas today with the templates on businessmakeover.eu!