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Innovating your company: can Facebook or Google help you?
Facebook and Google became so popular in the last decade so nearly everyone is using these platforms. Both platforms offer various (free) services for companies, so companies could to evaluate these new opportunities for business model innovations.
Target very personally with FB Messenger

Facebook is a customers’ socialization place and might be used as a channel for reaching specific customer segments. However, some SMEs are using Facebook Messenger (FBM) as a key tool for developing customer relations. E.g. companies as Mondri or Aciu Paciu use FBM intensively for personal communication with customer and inform them about new products, new events as well as collecting feedback about process and buying experience. This can really work well for SMEs as well.

Various options by using Google

Google might brought different opportunities for SMEs. Typically, Google is associated with marketing activities and better opportunities to raise awareness and reach customers (through organic listing (SEO) or through AdWords). Despite this Google offers also another set of tools, which can be used for optimizing internal activities. Our research indicates that SMEs are interested in using SEO or AdWords, but this requires time and knowledge in order to be successful, so if trial period do not bring results SMEs just stop doing it. It takes some organization and effort, but when companies have their follow up procedures in order, for sure can bring extra exposure and traffic. However, Google Drive or Google Calendar are easy to use tools and SME can gain some immediate benefits. Companies are sharing documents, facilitating internal communication and achieving cost savings by doing so.

So, even smaller companies can use these social media platforms to innovate their business model without much effort and extra costs.