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Better be safe than sorry!
The rules of business are changing rapidly. In the past, companies could have the same business model for generations. Today, it seems that the only constant thing is change.
How to deal with change?

Think about digitalization: affecting any business today, born digital or not. Internet-of-Things will be the next thing to transform traditional businesses in any industry sector. Large marketplace platforms are threatening the position of small retailers. How should small businesses weather these storms? Should a business model be like a castle, and withhold any hurricane that comes along? Or should business models be like a tent, one that you can pick up and take when the weather changes?

Stress test your business model

Our tool business model stress-testing helps with just that. It helps to understand how robust, flexible and adaptable your business model is in a changing world. What are your weak spots? Which future trends are a show-stopper to your business model? Answering these questions is not an exact science: it requires brainstorming, discussing and questioning the fundamental assumptions on which your business is based.

Find out how to future-proof your business

Join our businessmakeover webinar on 13 November 2017 at 19.00 CEST. In the webinar, experienced entrepreneur Daan Weddepohl, CEO at Peerby will share his experiences in making his business model robust. Two businessmakeover experts will stress-test his business model. Next, we’ll give advice to three of our viewers’ questions on how to future-proof their business model. And of course, there is lots of room for answering your questions live in this webinar!

Register here: bit.ly/BMStressTesting

Looking forward to meeting you!