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CityBee - As easy as 1-2-3

Yes, it's that easy to rent a car. No more piles of papers to fill in or wait for hours behind a service desk: here the story of a company that beat competition by offering their customers to rent a car in just 2 minutes.


For years, foreign companies as Europecar, AVIS, Hertz and others, traditionally dominate the car rental service market in Lithuania. However, in the last several years the new local brand - CityBee is getting more attention from local as well as foreign people. Their company offer is based on the use of aps which allows customers to use CityBee service at an easy way and very user-friendly way: you can rent a car within 2 minutes.

Download and off you go!

How this works? According to the company, the customer only needs a driving license and smart phone to use the service. You download the CityBee app from Play Store or ITunes, you register your own data and it’s ready for use. As simple as that.  You then just need to reserve the car, take the car from the nearest drop-off place (there are many of them around the city) and use it as long as you need it. This can vary from just 5 minutes to weeks.. The fee includes all cost – insurance, fuel, technical maintenance and other.  After the use, the car should be left in nearest drop-off place. The car is locked and unlocked through the application. There are no long term or paper agreements needed anymore.

Simplicity & business model innovation: the path to growth.

This brilliantly simple idea resulted in a rapid expansion of the company. CityBee began operating in the capital of Lithuania- Vilnius. After this, the company soon moved to the second by large city – Kaunas. Recently CityBee started offering services in Klaipeda and the seaside. Initially, the drop-off points were limited,  but the company is increasing the number of cars and number of drop-off points.  Also, they are expanding the range of the cars. In the beginning, the company was offering small cars but in the last year the more prestigious class car (as BMW X1) were successfully introduced into the market. As we write, the app has been downloaded over 50.000 times in Google Play Store with a 4* rating! Quite an achievement in 3 years. In 2015 CityBee app won an award in Lithuania as best app in the app category. Another example of how simplicity works for a company.

This focus on offering new services keeps driving company development and leadership in the market. Their latest new business model includes offering electro-cars and bikes for rental. Have a look yourself at www. Citybee.lt.