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Investing in your business growth was never easier!
All it takes is 2 hours of your time per week and it’s completely free of cost:  a course on Business Model innovation. You’ll quickly learn skills and knowledge to start improving your own business.

More and more small businesses want to change their business model. They’ve seen how big corporations win the market with an innovative business model. And many have now heard of online tools, like www.businessmakeover.eu. But they also know what a struggle it can be to put a new business model into practice. In the past year, ENVISION researchers Mark de Reuver, Harry Bouwman and Timber Haaker have developed a series of online courses on business model innovation, so called MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courseware). As a first in the world, these business model innovation courses are specific for SMEs.


Over 10.000 participants

In the first year running these courses, over 10,000 people enthusiastically followed our online courses. Our team worked with SMEs for many years, so we know their challenges. Many SMEs don’t have lots of time to spend on education or thinking about their strategy. They cannot afford an expensive consultant to help them, close their shop or stop their activities for a week to take a course. So we took a different and practical approach.


 What makes the MOOCs so different than other courses?

1.     Our courses don’t ask more than 2 hours a week. So even if you only have a         few hours to spend, your business can still benefit.

2.     We provide videos that can be easily digested – and not loads of text.

3.     Participants learn from other SMEs that have successfully innovated their               business model. We all know the examples of big companies like Ikea,                   Amazon or Google. But small businesses innovate their business models as           well. We found that business owners find it a lot easier to understand how to         use business model innovation, if they see examples of fellow entrepreneurs.

4.     We use practical tools from www.businessmakeover.eu. Our award-winning            platform helps putting into practice what’s been learned.

5.     And – most importantly, participants start to improve their own business               model from day-1, using what they’ve learned in the course.




Never to late to step in


Did you miss our MOOCs? Don’t worry. The fifth and final MOOC on advanced business model tooling starts the 1st of October. And also our finished MOOCs are still available: you can take them at your own pace and still receive a verified certificate, check out http://bit.ly/BMIPracticalFreeOnlineSMECourse