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ENVISION organizes inspirational BizFest event in Vienna
With the slogan “Be inspired, give your business a kick-start!”, the ENVISION project invited entrepreneurs from all over Europe and beyond to Vienna.

Here the BizFest event: ‘Rethinking your business in Vienna’ – is held on Thursday, 18th of January 2018. This Bizfest is organised to inspire entrepreneurs on Business Model Innovation. Also they are informed about the ending of the EU H2020 Envision project in the current set-up and the start of a new live as an independent businessmakeover.eu platform.

uring this day, entrepreneurs and international experts in the field of business model innovation, will debate their ideas or business project. Start-ups and entrepreneurs will be offered a golden opportunity to ask all their business-related questions. In a series of key notes and interactive workshops, these (future) entrepreneurs from all over Europe will share their experiences - with all the ups and the downs experienced along the way - and will be challenged to brainstorm on their (future) business model. Thus, let them discover where their challenges and opportunities lie.

A project to inspire and challenge

This free closing off event, dedicated to small -& medium sized entrepreneurs, follows the formula behind the ENVISION project. ENVISION started in 2015 with EU-funding, with the aim to encourage small businesses to innovate their business models in order to accelerate their revenue growth. Envision is the project that brought you the businessmakeover.eu platform that

1) Encourages and assists SMEs to rethink and innovate their business models in order to
grow and increase profitability

2) Develops tools and materials to support SMEs with their business makeover

The platform offers free and easy-to-use tools, courses and inspirational case studies – and a Business Model Innovation Do it Yourself book.

Unique and practical approach for Business Modelling

Both the platform and the book resulted from the conclusions of extensive research done under 123 start-ups and business owners in Europe. Thanks to their contributions and the time they gave to the researchers – to share their concerns and problems, and to discuss ideas and solutions – the BusinessMakeover.eu platform and the book have their unique and practical do it yourself approach.

Project results

Back in 2015, Businessmakeover already received recognition for this unique set-up by winning the Computable Award for best ICT supplier for SMEs in the Netherlands. Three years later, the project has challenged more than 100.000 SMEs to innovate their business model by offering the appropriate tools, instruction video and inspiring case studies. Together with multiple partners they reached out to nearly 12 million SMEs in Europe alone by means of events and media activities. The free Massive Open Online Courses and webinars, which can be found on the platform, have been successfully taken by nearly 50.000 entrepreneurs since the start of the course in 2017.

What’s next?

Because of the success of the platform, the project will not cease to exist: the platform and tools will stay available for free for SMEs. The activities on tool development and research will continue by means of a foundation, which will keep the platform in the air and keep the community alive. Moreover, the online courses will stay available and there will be a re-run, starting xxx this year.

This BusinessMakeover Foundation is open to discuss options with parties interested in further deployment and strategies.

Event partner: Vienna Business Agency

Event supporters: WKO, UEAPME


ENVISION is a European wide project aimed at supporting SMEs in their business model innovation through research and the interactive platform www.businessmakeover.eu. The project involves 9 partners and dozens of umbrella organizations, with direct access to European SMEs. Currently ENVISION has partnerships with more than 30 umbrella organizations with the potential to reach more than 18 million SMEs in Europe. This project has received funding from the European Union from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 645791. The project closes in Feb. 2018. However, the main result of the ENVISION project the Businessmakeover platform: www.businessmakeover.eu will remain effective.

Press contact

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Communication advisor ENVISION project

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