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ENVISION Project won Dutch ICT award

ENVISION project won the Computable Award for ICT supplier for SME in the Netherlands. The ENVISION consortium develops tools for ordinary small businesses to carry out transformation towards more revenues and higher head count.

Delft University of technology is leading this consortium, which makes the tools available at BusinessMakeover.eu. According to Computable, a leading Dutch ICT magazine, this was the most remarkable winner of the evening: “Well done for an educational institution that makes the interactive platform http://BusinessMakeover.eu available, with a collection of tools, information, networking, support and a community to help European SMEs to innovate their business models”.

In ENVISION nine partners from seven countries develop the BusinessMakeover platform and research business model innovation with European SME. The platform offers a suite of practical tools and inspiration to support exploring new markets and opportunities, and designing, testing and implementing (new) business models.

The award came as a surprise as we only have the beta release of the platform out. However, we are excited to see how the year-end new release will be accepted by small and medium sized companies.

The recent news are, that we have been involved also on developing the first ever online course on business model innovation for SMEs, which will start end of this year. Platform and online course are freely available for everyone interested.